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Lady in The Water

What if all those bed time stories your grand mother used to tell are you true ?

(Courtesy: the illustration shown in the beginning of the movie)

There is Hope

Wikipedia page about the movie is here

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  1. 🙂 saying from the perspective of the story-teller…My niece keeps asking me to tell her stories, and I literally dont know what I am going to speak before I speak….I weave stories out of thin air based on things around me and keep her riveted…Now if suddenly it happened that these stories turn alive for her, she’d sure be living in a chaotic world! where hats talk and run, and kathakali mementoes hanging on the walls come out at night and dance, and monkeys ask for biscuits in normal language and chappatis are sad about not having a face.

  2. Vellappokkar was supposed to live in the wells, under the water.. thus the term vellam!! he has body that was green like the fungi and eyes like the green water. and when we kids peeped into the well he’d come up and drag us down. I guess it was just to scare us off from looking into the well.

  3. kuthirakaalan : is that same story in which a guy is going after second show and some ask for a match box ?

    Otta molachchi & thengumma kannan : never heared these !

    vellapokkar : can u elaborate ??

  4. Well i remember my stories.. kuthirakaalan,
    Otta molachchi (I still wonder if the breast was in the centre of n the sides),
    thengumma kannan (this guy had red eyes n lived on cocunut tree.. i got fooled by those red lights on transformers!)
    vellapokkar ( supposed to live in the well and pulled down kids who looked into the well)

  5. @nina

    I consider “LIW” as a better movie, or the best movie I have seen in recent times. It tries to convey how each and every person in this world has a purpose. We like to watch the super hero movies because we want the human race to protected from evil, we see the massacres, we pass on the picutres of childern signing/writing on rockets and we want the world to be a peaceful place again.

    At this moment I prefer a “Lady In the Water” to come and save us than a “Dead Psychiatrist” who doesnt even know that he is dead.

    You see, I am a selfish.

  6. naaaaaaaaaa. not as expected from shyamalan. u know wat, after the sixth sense, i found all his movies below expectations. may b ‘cos, i set them sky high after his masterpiece