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Regarding a wh*re and fish rain

(‘*’ is to be replaced with ‘o’ – its just a trick to fool the filters)

Met these childern on my last wayanad trip. When they saw me they started running, I managed to take the camera, put it in Auto mode and click. One of the shots is posted above.

Later I found out who these childern were. Their mother was/is an Adiyathi (tribal people of Wayanad). But she is outcasted from her house and colony because of this children and now she lives in a small hut, probaly in goverment owned land. She is just another unmarried adiyathi mother. Just one another wh*re or thevidissias others who molested her address her. There are hundreds of such cases in various parts of wayanad.

Today, I am going to Wayanad again.

An elder Adiyathi women aka Perumatti:

Fish Rain

Today morning, The malayam daily Deepika reported about an intresting phenomenon. In some parts of kerala, fishes are falling down from sky. (along with rain drops) !!

Report is here

But as pointed out by a friend, there is always a scientific explanation for everything. here

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  1. Its sad that down the line it always affects the innocnts.. war, prostitution, poverty…take anything it finally affects those innocent blank faces.. me used to work for the prostitutes in bangladesh colony and its sad sometimes when we realize how blind we are, sitting all cosy on the cream of the society!!!

  2. Those childern are going to school. The local school at that place is close to their hut and the tribal colony. (on either sides of the road) so all (most) the tribal children including the ones in the above photo attend school till 10th std. Then obviously they will stop studying!

  3. No, I don’t detect cruelty, I detect compassion. I feel for women like this who live on the fringes of society because of our own double standards. I am at a loss, what to do though? Can we educate her children? I know its a drop in an ocean, but its something. Or would that further tilt the balance of life against her?

  4. man, ive read about the unmarried mothers u are talking about. U sound cruel. Or may be like a real photographer who just reports incidents and shows no mercy.

    keep posting.

  5. No laina. They will never become members of the indian cricket team. These tribal children or half tribal children lives with their unmarried adiyathi mother in a small hut near the "nemam padam". She is no longer welcomed in her colony. and I wonder what she does for food.

    (adiyan is a tribe u find in wayanad. Their women are called adiyathi and elderly adiyathis are called "perumatti" And the meaning of the word adiyan is slave).